Breast cancer again… for the third time.

Bring on the Fruits and Veggies 

Aug. 26, 2011 7:13 am
About a month ago I learned I have a third primary breast cancer. The first one was 11 years ago; the second was 5 years ago, and now this. All three have been unique (in other words, none is a recurrence of an earlier one). And what this means, put bluntly, is that I’m a high risk breast cancer patient/survivor.

First, and most importantly, breast cancer doesn’t scare me. It saddens me, but it doesn’t scare me.
Second, despite wishes to the contrary, none of us get out alive.
Third, despite my illness,I’m as likely to be hit by a truck as the next guy.
Fourth, because I now know my body is an equal-opportunity breast-cancer-maker, it seems wise to adjust my diet… at least enough to bring things into better balance. That means I’m embarking on a juice journey of fruits and vegetables (oh, let’s toss in some ginger, shall we?). The idea of adding juicing to my treatment plan came from this: If you happen to subscribe to Netflix, they’ve probably got it under “Documentaries”. It’s worth watching if you’ve got aches, pains, diabetes, arthritis, a serious illness, or just want to lose some weight.
As it happens, while I’ve been at the stove all these years, my dear Mike has been satisfying his never-ending appetite with “snacks” of juiced fruits and veggies. Which means for 30 years I’ve been working on becoming a gourmet cook while he’s become a gourmet juicer. How lucky (all things considered) can a girl get?
Although I’ll have the tumor removed, it makes sense to give my body a chance to be part of the healing process. As much as I’ll miss some of my favorite dishes, at least as regularly as I’ve been eating them, I have to confess I’ve been neglectful of my fruit and veggie intake. And by that, I mean I usually ignore them other than as ingredients I add to a dish starring something other than fruits and veggies.
This will be new for me, but hubby’s been offering up some very tasty juices which I’ve taken between solid foods. I’ll move off the solids soon, and go with a juice fast for a bit, to return to solids foods again when my body’s ready. And I’ll know when that is because my body, bless its heart, is very good at letting me know what it needs.


  1. Robin, your story is well written and so inspirational. Knowing both you and Mike then reading details of the emotional rollercoaster you two have been on is sobering. You are amazing…


    1. Thank you Jerry. Your comments are nice to read, despite the fact that the subject matter of the blog isn’t my favorite thing to write about, I’m glad to know it tells the story.


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